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24/7 Prayer Room


We believe in the power of prayer therefore we are working on setting up a 24/7 Prayer Room and when the time is right we will be starting prayer meetings for anyone to join.

Since this is our first 24/7 Prayer Room we are still working on setting up the basics. We are planning to set up a total of 12 … 24/7 Prayer Rooms spread throughout all of Palawan. Where the focus is going to be to follow David’s example .. have a place where Prayer is being offered for 24 hours a day .. 7 days a week .. 365 days a year .. Power of prayer

It is only prayer that is going to change the area and the hearts of people. We are planning to employ full time staff step by step. To keep the prayer room running we need to cover all our monthly expenses of $1,500 per month. This is to cover our expenses like electricity bills, water, 4-6 staff, music instruments, rent and many more. Also the planning is to use the 24/7 Prayer Room to help organize prayer gatherings in Palawan on a regular basis. This will help with making the Christians more aware of the power of prayer. Really looking for people who have a heart for prayer and want to help us make it possible to set up a 24/7 Prayer Room.

Thanks for making this project possible and we are looking forward to see our first 24/7 Prayer Room up and running.


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