Aug 24

Pastor Ramil Update

Pastor Ramil Update

I would like to Share with you what God is doing in the ministry of Pastor Ramil. Last month with the Project Faith in Action Free Preschool they got 33 students and 2 teachers but now they got 79 students and 7 teachers.
Glory to God for what He is doing in Pastor Ramil’s ministry. This is a great opportunity to serve the Lord through teaching these little ones. Please keep praying for this ministry that God will continue to provide all of the needs of the teachers and students.

Thanks you so much,


Aug 17

Pastor Ramil Update from Manila

Pastor Ramil Update from Manila

Praise the Lord for another update on Pastor Ramil’s ministry. Pastor continues with his ministry Care A Child Inspired By God. While Pastor Ramil visited Jeddah he prayed for healing.
Jeddah is part of their feeding program at Trash Mountain Tondo. After not seeing him for almost 3 consecutive feedings, Genesis visited the house and found out that Jeddah was very sick.  Genesis told Pastor Ramil about they decided to bring the sick child to one of the Pastors friends. However after 2 days the situation got so bad that they had to bring Jeddah to the hospital. Things are getting better for Jeddah. Please believe with us that God is our healer and provider.
Thank you so much.

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Aug 10



Pastor Labadan continues on their outreach every Friday. They went to the village of Bigaan, where souls are very hungry spiritually. After the bible study, Pastor prayed for a lady who was diabetic, while praying, she cried. Looking forward to hear a good report. Next to this Pastor served the folks something to eat for it is still famine here due to the 7 months drought.
Next they went to the village of Liong. They had to walk for there is no transport available. In that place 2 souls accepted Jesus. Praise God! After this Pastor when with his team to Misom for their bible study. The place where they conduct their service is a narrow place, it is a nipa hut. They are praying for some property to start a church.

DSC05189 DSC05143

Pastor Labadan has an Feeding program activity. They give rice to indigents as God provides. God said, as you do this to the least of my people you have done it to me Matthew 25. Really people need food & used clothes in that place.










They had this month a Church Anniversary & Water Baptism. They celebrated it on July 31. After  their service, they went to the beach for water baptism. Praise God 16 souls were water baptized. One candidate was from our outreach in Misom. The other one was a lesbian who was converted to Christ. This is the Lord’s work & it is marvelous in our eyes.

Aug 03

Pastor Ramil Update

Pastor Ramil From Manila

Little Update about Pastor Ramil and his ministry in Manila. Pastor Ramil is doing a great job with his team on Care A Child Project. Project Faith In Action With Love – Free Preschool Akap Bata Daycare Center (Foot of Smokey Mountain). This is the first Friday Bible Story told for this school year 2016-2017. They are very happy to see these little children learn to Love the Lord with all their heart, mind, soul and strength and Love their neighbors as they love their selves. To God be all the Glory! Honor and Praise!

Keep up the good Job Pastor Ramil. You are doing an awesome work for God’s Kingdom .. Jesus said “Let the Children come to me”. Luke 18:16.

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Jul 27

Pastor Ramil Update

13592722_10205072756777572_3356161072109352700_nUPDATE : PASTOR RAMIL

Pastor Ramil is very active in Mercy ministry especially to “Care A Child” inspired By God
Matthew 18:5 Jesus said “Whoever Care A Child in my Name Cares for Me”

Feeding the Poorest of the Poor Children from all over Manila. From the Smokey Mountain till street kids and scavengers.

Next to this they are stepping out in faith and offer Free Preschool AkapBata Daycare Center. Students come from Trash Mountain and Old Smokey Mountain. As of today they have 33 students from nursery, kinder and preparatory level and 2 volunteer teachers.

To God be the Glory! What an amazing ministry with Pastor Ramil, Please continue to include Pastor Ramil in your prayers for his complete healing, that God will give him strength to continue this ministry and channel of blessing. Reaching out to the needy children and their family. Pastor Ramil is doing an awesome work for the kingdom of God.

God Bless, TTN
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Jul 20


10378999_699241400123574_7259209722345737882_nLITTLE UPDATE ON PASTOR LABADAN

Pastor Labadan continues going from house to house every Friday and does personal evangelism. A certain blind lady attended bible study and  she came forward for prayer. Every time we go to her home she is always present and seems to really show interest in the things of God.
In the afternoon after bible bible study, I distributed rice to the people, due to the El Nino ( drought) until now.




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May 23

Pastor Labadan in Mindanao (South of Philippines)

PASTOR LABADAN from Mindanao

Here a little update on Pastor Labadan. Pastor Labadan is one of the 4 churches we are connected with. Pastor Labadan together with his wife are leading an awesome ministry in Calamba, Mindanao. The name of the church is Christian Fellowship Church. Pastor Labadan is involved in so many things that it is hard to mention everything, but just to mention a few … outreaches, hospital visitation, praying for the sick, radio broadcasting, house to house, home bible study, etc. etc.
Pastor will go the second mile to see a person getting saved. Pastor Labadan is doing an awesome work for the KINGDOM of GOD. If you are looking for a great place to sow into let me know.

Thanks, TTN


 Christian Fellowship Church  DSC04967-300x225
 DSC05143-300x225  DSC04997-225x300

Dec 01

Pastor Ramil: Prayer Request

Prayer Pastor Ramil

Prayer Request


Pastor Ramil started his chemo today. The planning is to continue it for 3-6 months. It depends how the body responds and after that Pastor Ramil will have an operation to make sure everything is gone.

Please pray together with many others for Pastor Ramil to overcome this cancer. Thanks for praying for total healing …

God bless, Arthur

Nov 25

Prayer Request Pastor Ramil

Prayer Pastor RamilPlease pray for Pastor Ramil. In the hospital right now recovering from operation.
After recovering Pastor Ramil has to go for chemo treatment for 3-6 months and after treatment Pastor Ramil will have to go for another operation.
Pray for healing and speedy recovery. Pray for grace and strength during the coming months.


Nov 17

Pastor Wayne

1438029490112Little update of Pastor Wayne working in Napsan, Palawan. At this moment Pastor Wayne is focusing on discipleship together with his wife Rachel. They are doing a great work in a very much needed hard area to reach out to.

To know more about Pastor Wayne and his work check out his webpage

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